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To get the best performance from your Thunderbolt devices, remember these tips: Install any available software updates on your Mac. If you need to reinstall macOS, first disconnect any Thunderbolt devices. If a device operates on AC or battery power, its Thunderbolt port can supply power. For the best performance, connect your Thunderbolt devices to their own power supplies, if available. Battery-powered computers drain faster if your Thunderbolt device gets its power only from the port.

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By Drew Cordova Update! Quite some time has elapsed since we first authored this article and a lot has happened in that time. Our new Minideck 3.

The iPad 2 and iPad 3rd Gen models support the earlier adapters as well as the VGA-equipped “pin to VGA Adapter” and HDMI-equipped “Apple Digital AV Adapter” for connecting the devices to any television or projector with a VGA or HDMI port, respectively. The original iPad models support the pin to VGA Adapter and Apple Digital AV Adapter.

Tape Recorders Video Editing Stations Media editing stations are located within the Media Technologies Departments located on the lower level of the library. The editing room contains three Mac editing stations that are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Use for course assignments receives top priority. Course Reserves Media placed on Reserve have a loan period of two hours and are not available for circulation outside the library.

Students must view reserve media in the Media Technologies department at one of the ten viewing stations in the department. All media requested for scheduled showings are placed on reserve two weeks in advance of the scheduled show date and remain on reserve for the semester. Library barcodes are affixed to personal media to facilitate circulation and provide security. In-house training is available for all Media Technology equipment available in the department, as well as video editing.

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How to Hookup an Analog Mixer To a Soundcard or Audio Interface by Tweak So many newbs think you need to connect the main outs to a soundcard and can monitor off the control room outs too. Enjoying that high pitched whine every time you want to record? You are getting it because you hooked up the mixer improperly. Here’s some better ways. First with a cheap mixer which I don’t recommend and second, with a mixer with an alt bus or direct outs required if you are serious!

You then connect your speakers to the line outs of the audio interface or soundcard.

The simplest way to present with the iPad is to connect your tablet directly to a projector or TV monitor. Depending on the type of input port (VGA or HDMI) and iPad model, use the correct cable and adapter a projector has a VGA input use a VGA cable with one of these adapters. Apple’s dock connector to VGA adapter (for iPad models 1, 2, and 3).

The following description applies to most cassette and open reel tape transports including those used in portable and microcassette recorders, Walkmen, and telephone answering machines. Looking at the top of the deck such that the tape heads are at the bottom: Supply reel table – left hand side platform on which the supply tape reel sits. Edge which contacts idler tire if used should be cleaned.

Takeup reel table – right hand side platform on which the takeup tape reel sits. Idler – assembly which swings between supply and takeup reels and transfers power to the appropriate reel to wind the tape up during play and record and often to drive FF and REW. In some designs, this uses gears or some other type of mechanism.

In very expensive decks, individual motors are used for each reel and there is no intermediate drive. Idler tire – the black rubber ring on the outside of one part of the idler which actually contacts the reel edges. This is not as common in audio tape decks as VCRs. If one is used, it should be cleaned and inspected for deterioration, dirt, and wear. For autoreverse transports, there will be two capstans – one on each side of the head assembly so that the tape is always pulled across the heads as this is most precise.

In a VCR, there is only one capstan and it is also used for reverse play or search modes. Clean to assure proper tape movement during play and record modes.

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Mar 10,  · With the iPad 2 out I figured I’d bump this thread. The HDMI cable now allows you to connect to pretty much any modern projector. Microvision provide a great pico projector that is portable can display HD images up to “.

As a growing multi site church that is adding more locations, being able to collaborate on presentation elements while maintaining certain universal elements is HUGE! My tech teams and worship leaders love it, and we’ll never go back to a stand-alone, PC or Mac based presentation system. It does have some flaws and weaknesses, but it has progressed significantly since the early versions, and is about to make a big leap forward in version 2.

Take the implementation slow, take the time to figure out your workflow, but give it a chance to prove itself! Also, if you have the means run off an iPad Pro because it’s an incredible pairing, and do make use of a second iPad in confidence screen mode. Sign up for a PCO account, add the module to your account, then come back. Considering my wife and I lead the Worship Team, create the set lists utilizing everything in concert with PCO, Projector will be greatly missed since it is being eliminated.

It has been great for rehearsals with changes on the fly being so easily executed. With that said, we will have to re-evaluate future utilization of PCO after so many years and investment in equipment. It automatically puts our songs on the slides when we put them in planning center! We do have some solutions for these:

No Wi-Fi? No problem! Using Apple TV to Mirror Your Device Without WiFI

Power-packed The three-year battery life is so hassle-free you just might forget it uses batteries at all. More power You pop the tiny Logitech Unifying receiver in your notebook and leave it there. You can even add more devices. Learn more about the Logitech Unifying receiver. Download Unifying Software Wave-shaped key frame Your fingers vary in length.

So with its gradual wave-shaped contour, this keyboard supports the actual, varied lengths of your fingers.

You can use this VGA adapter to get high quality output from your iPad to an LCD projector (sometimes called a beamer) or to most HDTVs or to a computer monitor. The VGA connector only carries the video portion of the signal.

I cant check that list when the TV is plugged in as there is no display? The only display that comes up in that list is the one I’m using now my p one which works fine? Greg Bassisst Oct 18, , 8: I ve packed my 4k tv into a box and im sending it back to shop tomorrow. Even brains from samsung failed: I used to be able to have my normal p monitor plugged in with a dvi cable like it is now and then also have a hdmi for the tv and they both worked great.

Now as soon as I put the hdmi cable in, my dvi display just turns black and occasionally flickers but then nothing happens? And Ive tried restarting it with only a hdmi cable but that shows the initial startup bios prompt and then shows starting windows but then goes blank when it gets to the screen asking for a password to log on with?

Macbook pro projector hookup, while it…

The fact that over 4 billion HDMI devices have been sold is a testament to its success. With all the convenience of wireless streaming, it is a no-brainer to go for HDMI streaming. Take a look at how it revolutionized the office environment for pioneering watchmaker brand Daniel Wellington , and watch the use case video. Why not just use HDMI? The whole idea behind HDMI was to reduce the clutter of using multiple cables.

Earlier, there was a cable for video, one cable each for each channel of audio and the connectors themselves were not very pretty.

Jan 16,  · Can an iPad be hooked up to a projector to show PowerPoint presentations, word documents, or media? I hook up my MBP to an Epson projector at work via USB.

Once your iPad is connected to your computer, you can use your computer’s iTunes to transfer music, photos, videos, and more in between your iPad and your computer. Steps Using a Charger Cable 1 Remove the charger cable’s electrical outlet adapter if necessary. The charger cable is actually a USB cable that plugs into an electrical outlet adapter. You can remove the adapter by tugging the base of the connection away from the adapter until it slides out. If your charger cable doesn’t have an electrical outlet adapter on it, skip this step.

The rectangular USB end of the charger fits into a similarly shaped port on your computer.

Mirroring iPad to Computer vs Connecting to a Projector