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The protons, neutrons, and electrons that will eventually compose Transformers are formed, ruining it forever. God creates the universe in six literal days. The universe comes into existence. The AllSpark Almanac The exact date of this universal stream ‘s creation is somewhat muddled, as seen in the three different dates seen above. The account dating it to BCE is the one used in early recorded human history, but was later retconned within scientific literature, which established the much earlier date above. More recently, Transformers Animated: As Hasbro-sanctioned material, this account is assumed to take precedence in canon , at least with regard to the Transformers brand ; however, it is unclear whether the event represents God’s six-day creation, the Big Bang, or another, as-yet-unrevealed origin. Joe , the first “action figure. Eventually, Takara takes advantage of the 12” Joe figures’ interchangeable parts to create a spinoff toyline called Henshin Cyborg Transforming Cyborg. This toy will later become known in the West as the Micronaut Biotron.

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Gilbert Clock Identification By Claire Blackwood ; Updated April 12, Gilbert clocks, manufactured from to the s, are easy to identify because the clocks are clearly marked with a label on the back. While the company’s name has changed over the years, the name “Gilbert” is always included. History Though most clock collectors use as the date The Gilbert Manufacturing Company started producing its inexpensive clocks, founder William L.

Gilbert actually got into the clock-making business in Connecticut, as early as The company went through a variety of forms over the years, and finally, in , became the company most collectors recognize.

The value of antique Tonka toys depends upon a number of factors, the most important of which is the rarity of the particular toy. Generally, toys that were built to last, such as the Tonka toys, are more easily stored and survive through several generations.

A Used from , this is one of the least reliable dating logos since it didn’t change very often ; the most beneficial thing about it is that if you see it on a toy or a packaging box , well, that means it’s old! B A very nice new logo, wouldn’t you say? And really great for dating purposes, since it was used for one year only However, toys made in ‘ later that were originally introduced in may still cary this logo design on the toy, on the box, or both!

C This logo introduces the “Second Generation” of company logo designs, a very creative and attractive design that would last, in its various forms and versions, for almost 40 years! Introduced in the model year, it appears in catalogs, toys, and boxes until at least As usual, items made during this era sometimes carried this logo design, or may have still carried logo “A” or “B” depending on the original toy introduction date This logo actually appears in some catalogs and toys as far back as , but doesn’t come into predominant use until the model year.

The last use of this logo appears to be in the model year. Sometime during this period, the logo received an enhancement in the form of the words “An Original” above the red and blue circles, thus making the logo read as follows: Although it is unknown when or why this change took place, our best guess is that it was inspired by the introduction of cheaper “look-alike” products by competitors, or even outright toy forgery by crooks E A minor refinement occured in as the lettering style text “font” for the “Fisher Price Toys” wording changed in three ways: This logo design hit the shelves for over 10 years, seeing its last use in

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Tonka built a life-size version of their new truck toy and initiated an annual holiday toy drive utilizing the classic yellow dump truck to pick up the donated toys. Two years later, a Loader and a Crane were added to the Toughest Truck line, in time for Tonka’s 60th anniversary in

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Search inside Realpriceguides This website has some changes each day, if you have bookmarked any pages please refresh often. The values stated in this guide are to be used only as a guide. Values are not set to determine prices as auction and dealer values vary greatly and are affected by demand and condition. The author does not assume responsibility for any losses that are the result of consulting this guide. Real Price Guides Due to some value numbers being wrong the Matchbox section will have the link removed until such time as I can get the new values inserted.

In the meantime there will be a new link to Matchbox catalogs dating from to for you to view.

Vintage Tonka fire truck dating back to , T.F.D No. 5 Hydraulic, 32” long with no damage besides age wear.

I have an old Tonka that has managed to pick up a dent or two. I think GI Joe may have tried to park his Humvee a little to close, not sure. Anyway, can I use “bondo” to fill in the dents? Since your Tonka is just a scaled down version of a “full sized” model, similar repair techniques can be followed. I have used “plastic” to repair dents as part of the restoration process.

The stuff works as advertised. I have also used a hammer and dolly, much the same as a body shop works out dents. Instead of using a typical dolly however, I used small pieces of steel stock to hammer against. Using the hammer and dolly technique takes a bit of practice. Unfortunately, I’ve sent a few parts to the recycler because I was a tad over zealous with the hammer. And that can be a real bummer if your part is unique and not easily replaceable.

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There is a small “by” in red letters just beneath the “Tonka Toys” wording. The three birds still fly in the sky however the sky is now white and the lower portion still has the waves of Lake Minnetonka, however the lake color is now gold. The “waves” of Lake Minnetonka still appear and “Mound, Minn.

Six models made up the Mighty series in They were models # Mighty Dump, # Mighty Loader, # Mighty Crane, # Mighty Backhoe and # Mighty Tractor Trailer with Bulldozer.

The value of antique tonka toys Debbie Donner Updated March 23, The Tonka Toy Company is renowned for the durable steel sheet-metal toys it began producing in the mid s. Classics such as the metal Tonka toy dump truck have remained largely unchanged for over 50 years of production. There are a few different ways to determine the age and value of antique Tonka toys.

History Tonka Toys first began in as a partnership between three individuals who started Mound Metalcraft Incorporated. The company was located in an old three-story schoolhouse and began as a manufacturer of metal garden tools, such as rakes, hoes and shovels. In , Mound Metalcraft was approached by Streater Industries, another local manufacturer, with an opportunity to start making steel toys.

The partnership between the two manufacturers resulted in the first two Tonka models: Time Frame Although the Tonka Toy name appeared on the earliest Mound Metalcraft toys manufactured from on, they did not officially change the company name to Tonka Toy Company until January of

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December 1st, Williamsport, IN: This sale will start at the normal time of 10 AM Eastern, and will be available to view live on StoutAuctions. This sale will be a majority HO, but will we also mix in some O gauge, and O scale brass trains. The HO trains in this sale will consist of both European and American trains.

Scroll down to see our expanded list of reproduction Tonka parts. We’re continuing to expand our selection so if you don’t yet find what you need, please let us know.

This one gets better after it starts to dry down. Apr Siv55 Tested this today, and thought it was a female fragrance; it seemed fresh, sweet and feminine despite the tabacco, which I found subtle. Apr Konga I fell out of love with this. When I originally got seriously involved with fragrances–this is one of my first “cheapies” that I was in love with. Years went by and when I rediscovered Dreamer — it just smelled synthetic.

Don’t get me wrong– I like cheapies and have many in my collection but Dreamer just fell by the wayside. I do like the bottle design and the box.

Toyota Hilux 2017 Tonka Concept – our childhood dreams come true with a life-sized Tonka Truck