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With the help of your Persona, you must stop the end of the world and save mankind from itself. Your Persona consists of spirits, gods, demons, and even angels that you summon at will. It is a single-player game in the third person perspective. By day, you go to school and build friendships with classmates. By night, you must investigate the mysterious tower called Tartarus, home to creatures called Shadows. Only you and your teammates fight the Shadows and save humanity from their clutches. A mixture of a dating SIM and a traditional action adventure RPG, this third installment of the Shin Megami Tensei games uses tarot cards to symbolize the different strengths of the bonds you form.

Persona 3: Fes

Set in , Persona 3 begins with the protagonist returning to the city of Tatsumi Port Island ten years after his parents died from an accident. He is introduced as a transfer student that has just moved into the Iwatodai Dormitory , but arrives late in the movie adaptation, it is revealed it was due to a suicidal subway train jumper. A mysterious boy, calling himself Pharos , introduces himself to the protagonist and asks him to sign a contract that states the protagonist will accept full responsibility for his own actions.

He is quickly brought into SEES Special Extracurricular Execution Squad , a club at Gekkoukan High School which disguises itself as a completely normal after school club where nothing of supernatural significance happens, when his awareness of the Shadows and the Dark Hour is revealed.

In a display of Take a Third Option, some fans adopt the concept of the OT3: the One True Threesome. It’s just like One True Pairing, except that there are three characters involved; most often this means the Hero, the Love Interest, and one of their best friends with whom they’ve had homoerotic.

I just… The ending was fitting, but then again. I started that game somewhere… Like in Yeah, Dark is good. So why not, Strong Dark is a great name for a hero, right? I played Persona 3 furiously when I got a copy of my own, for about couple of months. Then came the other games and I just kind of… forgot about it. Then I mostly just forgot about them and never get to finish them. And then one day I remembered it again and decided to end the game for good.

It took me couple of days The ending was longer than I had thought to finish it. I felt so empty. With the game died my hero, Tsuyoi Dark, and many tears were shed.

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This also christens the protagonist’s name to be ‘Yu Narukami’, which will be used throughout appearances like Persona 4: Cross Tag Battle Persona 4: A Compilation Movie Compressed Adaptation of the anime series. A second anime adaptation, this time based on the aforementioned Updated Re-release and done by the studio that did the anime cutscenes in the original game. Shadow of the Labyrinth: A crossover with Persona 3 that somehow takes place during both games.

Atlus’s role-playing video game Persona 3 focuses on the exploits of the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad (SEES), a group of high-schoolers defending their home city from monsters known as Shadows. Persona 3 is set in a fictional Japanese city in the year Due to past events, there is a hidden period between one day and the next known as the “Dark Hour”, during which most.

Posted 04 May – I jus finished summer school and my academics maxed out. I heard u can only have 1 at a time I wonder if I have enough time to max them all In your current situation, your chances are very slim due to their high point requirement along with events like Christmas holiday, field trip and exams. Not to mention the new Aigis social link, girls might get jealous of each other on higher levels and all girls share the same day,Saturday. Also, pick the correct choices when your social link with a certain character.

Most of correct choices involves with their matching personality. The requirements are pretty high once you reach level

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES (Sony PlayStation 2, 2008)

You promised you’d marry me! Because you threatened me! Years ago, when two of the main characters were small children, they promised to marry each other when they grew up.

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Khusus lihat panduan bos Disarankan Partai: Junpei, Mitsuru, Yukari Avatar Nyx adalah mungkin salah satu, perkelahian terpanjang yang paling aneh saya memiliki kesenangan untuk pengalaman dalam beberapa waktu. Pertarungan ini juga sangat panjang jadi saya harap Anda dalam satu untuk durasi. Aku butuh waktu lebih dari satu setengah jam untuk mengalahkan pengisap ini tetapi mungkin membawa Anda lebih lama tergantung pada seberapa rendah tingkat regu Anda. Sekarang di sini adalah beberapa catatan yang harus diingat: Ini tidak selalu datang satu demi satu terutama jika seseorang meninggal.

Jika Anda berada di atas level 70 ia biasanya akan pergi sementara ke-4 dan 6 jika Anda berada di atas level 80 ia akan pergi 5 dan 6. Namun, jika seseorang meninggal dia akan pergi ke-4 dan 5. Berhenti di Kematian dan bentuk pertama yang freebie sehingga Anda pada dasarnya harus berjuang melalui dua belas bentuk.

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Posted 16 May – You bought this game then, right? It’s pretty great that the US finally got a complete Persona storyline for once, and in a better package than the Japanese no less. The cool thing about Persona 3 is that it really blends the life sim and RPG elements together well. It just sort of makes sense for games like this: The typical anime game storyline is something like “you are a silent hero with hot friends, and you need to fight mysterious demons until it turns out that some young boy is actually satan or something and you need to save the human race.

The FBI is dedicated to eliminating transnational organized crime groups that pose the greatest threat to the national and economic security of the United States.

Edit “I know what my purpose is I’m a machine, a machine who is here to “live”. And the one who has given me this new purpose is This is the promise I’ve made to myself. I don’t know how I’ll do it Will you allow me to join with you all? I will be with you all She appears to be looking out towards the ocean, where the protagonist, Junpei Iori , and Akihiko Sanada are attracted by her beauty.

The trio formulates a plan to flirt with her, only to fail after she bluntly tells Junpei and Akihiko “You are not the one. She is later revealed to be an Anti-Shadow weapon developed by the Kirijo Group much to Junpei and Akihiko’s dismay , and also happens to be the final Anti-Shadow weapon still capable of functioning. Throughout the game, Aigis shows an instinctive interest in protecting the protagonist, an interest which even she cannot explain. As the story progresses, she begins to question her existence, human lives, and her role in life.

When Ryoji Mochizuki transfers to Gekkoukan High, she becomes hostile to the transfer student, and warns the protagonist not to get near Ryoji. Gameplay-wise, unlike other characters, Aigis bears the distinction of using an exclusive ‘Tactic’ command, Orgia Mode, which increases her overall attack capabilities, at the cost of being immobile after using it.

Persona 3: FES FAQ/ Walkthrough

Su arma principal es una espada aunque en el juego original puede usar varios tipos de armas y su persona inicial es Orpheus del Fool Arcana Arcana del Loco. El protagonista masculino puede mantener un romance con ella. Yukari regresa como personaje jugable en Persona 4 Ultimax, donde es una actriz de la serie de sentai Feather Phoenixman R. Viste un traje rosa que pertenece a su personaje en la serie.

Laura Kinney, a.k.a. X, is the female counterpart to Wolverine in the Marvel is an example of the “synthetic” subtrope. She was cloned in large part from incomplete samples stolen from the Weapon-X project and raised as an assassin-for-hire.

Jul 07, PS2 There is a thing to fault Persona 3. What is the game exactly? It can be loosely acknowledged as a role playing game, but equally focal are the dungeon crawling and dating simulation aspects. So eloquently these disparat Persona 3 FES Rating: By KasuneX Review Date: Aug 03, PS2 Persona 3: You control a silent, player named protagonist who recently transferred to Gekkoukan High School.

Shortly after his arrival at the school dorms, th Read Full Review 0 of 0 users found the following review helpful Rating: By FuryX-4 Review Date: Aug 01, PS2 Good:

Childhood Marriage Promise

July 13, This game was my introduction into the series and is a little hard to review when looking back to when the game first released and not allowing the sequels to influence your opinion too much. There were so many quality of life additions and changes to the series the past 10 years that going back to the roots can be hard to do. Also, P3 took a large departure from the previous two games that annoyed many fans of the originals.

Despite not having aged particularly well in some aspects, in others it is just as fun today as it was when released. I enjoy the anime style of the game and general character design. The aesthetics are quite pleasing to me.

OverviewPersona 3 offers a unique RPG experience, combining elements of Japanese role-playing and dating simulations. Persona 3, called Persona 3 for short, is a Japanese role-playing game from Atlus, released in in Japan and in other regions. In Persona 3, you join a group known as the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad, known as SEES for short, a group dedicated to investigating and putting an end to the Dark Hour, a time period hidden between one day and the next.

During the Dark Hour, things stop working and ordinary people turn into coffins. However, you and the rest of SEES are able to experience the Dark Hour because you have the ability known as Persona, which allows you to explore a labyrinthine known as Tartarus, a procedurally generated dungeon where you fight demons known as Shadows. But that is not all. When it is not the Dark Hour, you are an average high school student, and you do average teenager things such as attending classes, studying for exams, levelling up your Academics, Courage and Charm, going to shops, and making friends called Social Links which help you level up your Personas.

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The company was once part of the Nanjo Group , and the two still maintain close ties after their separation, in line with the Kirijo Group’s official motto of “Two in Harmony Surpasses One in Perfection”. Though the company is well-known for being involved with every aspect of Japanese society, the Kirijo Group has a particularly dark set of secrets that are not so well-known; under the leadership of its previous head Kouetsu Kirijo, the company conducted a myriad of illegal and unethical experiments involving Shadows and Personas.

Ten years ago, one of these experiments went wrong, leading to the creation of Tartarus and the Dark Hour. While Takeharu, Ikutsuki, and a few other Kirijo employees are able to move during the Dark Hour, none of them are Persona users, leaving the task of ending the Dark Hour to a group of high-schoolers. They were once part of the Nanjo Group of the first two Persona games, whose heir is a Persona user himself.

Social Links Alternatives I criticized the Persona 3 Social Links system quite a bit last time, so this time I think I will offer a few ideas on how the whole system could have been designed differently to get a better result. A lot of the fundamentals are very solid, such as the ten levels for each Link and the corresponding benefits, so I will keep those intact.

Some other things, though, really need to be changed. I think the most important change would be to put more emphasis on the effort needed to unlock the events that raise Social Link rank, rather than on the events themselves. It should be a bit harder to raise rank, but the process should be more interesting. This means that the kinds of scenes you see when hanging out with a friend on a Sunday in Persona 3 should replace the empty and generic “you feel your friendship is growing stronger” scenes you see when hanging out with a character who isn’t ready to raise rank yet.

Overall, you should need to interact with a character fairly often in order to build up a Social Link, perhaps as many as thirty times or more to reach rank 10, with even more scenes available than necessary to reach rank This many scenes gives a lot more space for good character development.

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