Dating and Autism

Exploring the possibility that unsafe fetal ultrasounds are the source of the worldwide rise in autism. A Website for Exploring the Topic Could prenatal ultrasounds be a major contributor to the increase in autism? This website is a repository of information related to the hypothesis. Over 50 papers and articles are listed and linked on the Evidence page and are referenced throughout the website. Is prenatal ultrasound safe? The allowable intensity of prenatal ultrasound was increased 8-fold in without testing for safety then or since. This is the entire statement: Conclusions Regarding Epidemiology for Obstetric Ultrasound http:

Dating on the Autism Spectrum: What Parents Need to Teach

Here’s an honest quote from an autistic adult. I’ll call him Tony. So naturally, dating is the worst nightmare someone with AS autism spectrum could face. I’m going to go up to some person i don’t know, ask them out, and go on some highly formalized social encounter, where they are scrutinizing everything about you to decide if they want to keep doing it together. Dating, as you can see, can be stressful for autistic adults.

I’ve looked for dating tips from within the autism community to share with you today.

Support Groups Support Groups Autism Tennessee keeps a list of all the support groups available in Middle Tennessee for individuals and family members affected by autism spectrum disorders. We encourage you to connect with people in your area that can support you on your walk with autism. All Counties Sibshops Sibshops are support groups open to typically-developing brothers and sisters, ages , of children with special needs, including autism.

They feature a combination of fun, information, surprises, discussion, and more for everyone who attends. Held several times during the year at the Tennessee School for the Blind in Nashville. However, February and March meetings have changed. Meetings are held at 4: Club Social Contact Kimi Abernathy at or kimiabernathy gmail. This club is designed for our children to interact with their peers, practice social situations, learn skills, have fun, and make friends. The students will be involved in fun activities which may include art projects, classes, coding, gaming, volunteer projects, dining out, yoga, cooking, hiking, or just hanging out together.

As the club evolves, we hope the young people will take a hand in planning and implementing the activities and focus. The first group project involved working with the Heimerdinger Foundation providing meals for cancer patients and teaching gardening and cooking skills.

Autism and Communication

Autism is a life-long developmental disability that prevents individuals from properly understanding what they see, hear, and otherwise sense. This results in severe problems of social relationships, communication, and behavior. Individuals with autism have to painstakingly learn normal patterns of speech and communication, and appropriate ways to relate to people, objects, and events, in a similar manner to those who have had a stroke.

Interestingly the pressure of dealing with autism are considered so high that a large percentage of marriages involving an autistic child end in a divorce. This is the reason why in many cases mothers find themselves caring for autistic children single handed. This can get to be a daunting task but is by no means impossible. Some tips below to help single moms look after their autistic children with greater ease: Find professional centers — Depending on where the child is placed on the spectrum, you will have to find a center where the child can follow an academic line and also learn certain behavioral techniques.

Mothers looking after an autistic kid single handedly will find that even though they may have to put in a lot more effort initially into taking their autistic child to these centers, in the long run both the mother and the child will benefit tremendously from the exercises taught here.

Single Mom Caring for an Autistic Child

Autism Weighted Vest In addition, as the parent of a child on the autism spectrum, you must act as an advocate for your child. This means that you will consider your child’s needs and wishes and represent your child’s best interests at the meeting. Being an advocate can be difficult sometimes, especially if you dislike being assertive, but taking on this role is part of being a special education parent.

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Parents of children with autism often have autistic traits

My ex is also on the spectrum, he has the older diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome. I get no parenting help or financial assistance from my ex. Any tips for single moms raising children on the autism spectrum? It does take more effort and organization, though. Single parenting a child with HFA can be extremely stressful — as well as rewarding.

Finding solutions to most of the problems is the first step toward keeping you from feeling overwhelmed.

By Adrienne Warber If you are searching for ways to build your child’s social skills, consider play therapy techniques for autism. Play therapy can help autistic children improve communication and interpersonal skills. This type of therapy generally involves focusing on a child’s interests and encouraging interaction based in the child’s favorite activities.

What Is Play Therapy? Play therapy has been a part of the mental health field since the early 20th century. In psychotherapy, mental health professionals help children dealing with emotional trauma, anxiety, grief, behavioral problems, neurological conditions and mental illness through play activities. The therapist-guided play helps children: Learn more about their emotions Communicate better with others Deal with behavior issues Develop coping mechanisms at their own comfort level Therapists recommend play therapy because playing is how children think, deal with their emotions and interact with others.

A trained therapist can guide a child through play in learning how to deal with difficult situations or feelings.

Tips for Being in a Relationship With a Man Who Has Asperger’s or Autism

The Adolescent Years Autism and adolescence can be a time of stress and confusion; as it is for typically developing teens. Like all children, they need help in dealing with their budding sexuality. While some behaviors improve during the teenage years, some get worse. Increased autistic or aggressive behavior may be one way some teens express their newfound tension and confusion.

The teenage years are also a time when children become more socially sensitive. At the age that most teenagers are concerned with acne, popularity, grades, and dates, teens with autism may become painfully aware that they are different from their peers.

July 23, What parent doesn’t watch their “tween” become a teen without a twinge of anxiety? Factor autism into the equation, and parents may well wonder how the physical and hormonal changes of adolescence will affect their child on the spectrum. How will typical teenage rebellion look in someone who struggles with behavioral control? What will it be like traversing the social minefield of high school for someone with a social disability?

Many a teen boy has had to be convinced of the need for daily showers and shaving. How do you convince someone who has sensory problems to stand under water or drag a sharp razor across his face? Growing numbers of teens with ASD Chantal Sicile-Kira says nobody told her what to expect when her son with autism, now 24, became a teenager. Jeremy Sicile-Kira was born when autism was considered to be relatively rare — just before the tide of diagnoses began rising in the s.

Today, many more parents have children with autism entering or already in their teens. Sicile-Kira tries to educate them through her books, speeches and seminars on autism spectrum disorders ASD. One common complaint she hears from parents: But that may be a misunderstanding, she said. It’s because they’re teenagers,” said Ms. Sicile-Kira, author of Adolescents on the Autism Spectrum.

Marriage and Autism

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West Boylston, Milford, Sturbridge and Leominster. Network with other parents who share many of the same concerns. Parents may opt to attend any or all groups. Check Calendar for dates, registration is required. Groups run with and without outside speakers. Network with other parents who share many of the same concerns unique to teens.

Transition planning, sex and sexuality, dating planning for the future.

Play Therapy Techniques

Louis Quinn, an autistic boy, and the line of toys he made before falling asleep. Repeatedly stacking or lining up objects is a behavior commonly associated with autism. Medical Xpress —Studying children with autism and their parents, researchers have found that when a child has autism, his or her parents are more likely to have autistic traits than parents who don’t have a child with an autism spectrum disorder, as measured by a survey used to identify such characteristics.

The change in how autism and dating are portrayed onscreen is a great start. Sam Keir Gilchrist is a senior in high school, who takes regular classes and has an after-school job at an electronics store, where he is friends with his nerdy coworker Zahid Nik Dodani. Sam is obsessed with penguins and Antarctica—we know this immediately from his voice-over at the beginning of the first episode.

Advertisement Whereas a lesser show might just pick one perspective and run with it, Atypical shows how autism affects Sam, his family, and the people around him as he enters the world of dating. Instead of trains or outer space or bleach bottles, Sam thinks about Julia all the time. I remember the time I wrote a letter to a guy I hooked up with in my dorm three months later, folded it into a paper airplane, and slipped it under his door.

Paige is an excellent partner. That was probably my favorite part of the show. Note to producer Robia Rashid: Giving Sam an autistic love interest could have elevated Atypical from decent to actually groundbreaking. He tries to have a little sense of humor. He tries to have a one-night stand with a college girl.

IEP Meeting Tips for Parents

What positives have you gained in your marriage from having a child with autism? Many things learned over time: The struggles make us feel as if we are stronger than we saw ourselves previously. We realize we are stronger together than apart. If you were asked for a few tips for couples new to an autism diagnosis for maintaining a strong marriage, what would they be?

Hope for Families with a Child with Autism: The stress of any special needs diagnosis is difficult for a family, and those with autism have unique struggles. In order to identify resources available within our Catholic Church when faced with a diagnosis of autism, we can look to the words of our Holy Father Pope Francis: When there is no human hope, there is that hope that carries us forward, humble, simple—but it gives a joy, at times a great joy, at times only of peace, but the security that hope does not disappoint: When I was told that my son was diagnosed with autism, I was the only adult in the room besides the doctor; my son and his two older sisters, ages 5 and 7, were there too.

Our son was age three at the time, and his father was traveling out of town on business. Now, twelve years later, I can look back at those days with the benefit of hindsight and more importantly, grace. Despite the many challenges, and at times heartbreaking pain, I cannot imagine life without my Joey.

Things Not To Say To An Autistic Person