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Walking home I lived on Post I remember that heavy, exhausted feeling, and also feeling like I was still in the water. We were lucky to have had such a fun place to enjoy the summer. He was there all the time. And the City of NY was broke too. Wow , so sad. I still remember his face as he talked about it becoming a Pathmark! As the dog days of summer approached, generations of children in Inwood, and around the City, looked forward to one thing only…The Miramar Saltwater Pool. Photos, dating as early as , show a large outdoor pool just west of the University Heights Bridge. Now a Pathmark grocery store. Ken lived on Isham Street, attended Good Shepherd, and spent many a summer day lounging at the Miramar.

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Rock paintings from the Cave of Swimmers 10, year-old rock paintings of people swimming were found in the Cave of Swimmers near Wadi Sura in southwestern Egypt. These pictures seem to show breaststroke or doggy paddle , although it is also possible that the movements have a ritual meaning unrelated to swimming. An Egyptian clay seal dated between BC and BC shows four people who are believed to be swimming a variant of the front crawl.

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What equipment do I need for swimming? Swimsuit You’ll need a swimsuit unless you plan on skinny-dipping! Like many other things, technology has entered the swimsuit arena as well. Fabrics are designed for minimal resistance through the water, they tend to last a long time, and they resist fading even when used repeatedly in chlorinated pools. Of course, not all of us would be comfortable in the skimpy racing suits that you see Olympians wear, but the good news is that you can find more modest suits at sporting goods and department stores as well as through a number of online vendors see the resources section.

Comfort is the most important quality in selecting a swimsuit. You’re less likely to swim if you’re uncomfortable in your suit. Goggles Goggles protect your eyes from chlorine and anything else that may be in the water , and they help you keep your eyes open while you swim so that you can see where you’re going.

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Colors One of my kids favorite pool games. Choose a person to be “it”. Players choose a color and keep it to themselves. If a players color is called out they must try and make it to the other side of the pool as quietly as they can. If “it” hears them swimming then they can dive into the pool and try and tag a player. If “it” turns around and the players still have a hand on the side of the pool then “it” must take a step away from the edge and start again.

If “it” catches a swimmer then the swimmer becomes the new “it”. Octopus Choose a person to be “it”. They stand in the middle of the pool. Players line up on one side of the pool and try and swim to the other side without being tagged. The players who are tagged hold hands with “it” and for the next round all the players holding hands try and tag the swimmers as they try and make it to the other end of the pool.

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Competitive swimming continued to grow in popularity during the s and was included in the first modern Olympic Games in Athens in In , the Olympics in St. Louis included the , , , , yard and one-mile freestyle, the yard backstroke and yard breaststroke, and a 4xyard freestyle relay.

This pool is 12 by 7 metres 39 by 23 feet , is lined with bricks, and was covered with a tar-based sealant. Roman emperors had private swimming pools in which fish were also kept, hence one of the Latin words for a pool was piscina. Gaius Maecenas was a rich Roman lord and considered one of the first patrons of arts. They were decorated with flights of steps, punkalas or pots of abundance, and scroll design.

As early as , six indoor pools with diving boards existed in London, England. It was formed in , in response to concerns over drownings in the River Medway , especially since would-be rescuers would often drown because they themselves could not swim to safety. The club used to swim in the River Medway, and would hold races, diving competitions and water polo matches. The South East Gazette July reported an aquatic breakfast party: The coffee was kept hot over a fire; club members had to tread water and drink coffee at the same time.

The last swimmers managed to overturn the raft, to the amusement of spectators. So, bathers gradually became swimmers, and bathing pools became swimming pools. In , Oxford created its first major public indoor pool at Temple Cowley. The modern Olympic Games started in and included swimming races, after which the popularity of swimming pools began to spread. In the US, the Racquet Club of Philadelphia clubhouse boasts one of the world’s first modern above-ground swimming pools.

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Massive wildfires consume California wine country Mr Berriz, 76, suffered burns from holding onto the edge of the pool but managed to climb out alive. The couple had been married for 55 years and were staying in a hilltop rental house in Santa Rosa on holiday with their children and grandchildren. This loss has affected family and friends around the world.

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While floating on a raft and reading a book is certainly relaxing, returning to the days of our youth and playing in the water is also a lot of fun. The following pool games are ideal for adults who still kids at heart. Play with a Beach Ball , Not a Volleyball, to slow down the action, and make it possible to still hold your favorite adult beverage in one hand! Our Inter-Fab Volleyball Game is professional tournament quality, and includes brass anchors for in-deck pole mounting, and stainless steel flanges for on-deck installation.

Jailer In this loud and lively game, one adult is assigned to be the jailer and hang out near one end of the pool. His or her job is to tag anyone who crosses from one side of the pool to the other. The other players have a certain amount of time, say 30 seconds or so, depending on how long the pool is to get across the pool and get past the jailer without being tagged. Anyone who is caught becomes a jailer, and you can keep on playing until there is only one swimmer left.

Tug-o-War You know this one, take a long rope not string , and stretch it across the deep end area. Break up your players into teams of two 2 , and position them on each side of the deep end, feet from the edge. The winner of the first round can take on a second team, and so on, until a champion team emerges.

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Woman at the swimming pool, beautiful Aerial top view on the men and woman in the swimming pool with transparent blue water. In motion Aerial top view on the men and woman in the swimming pool with transparent blue water.

By Cheryl Cirelli Event Planner Pool games are a fun way for people of all ages to cool off in the summer heat. Have a mix of both competitive and non-competitive games. Games are all about having fun, so keep them light and appropriate for whatever age level will be participating. Fun Party Games for Swimming Pools There are plenty of games that are appropriate for the pool and can add hours of entertainment to any pool party. For those who are planning a party for younger children, keep in mind that many kids just enjoy splashing around in the pool, without an organized game.

Let their imaginations go crazy and they will come up with plenty of party game ideas on their own. Just be sure to supervise like you would if they were playing a traditional game. The following games may need to be modified depending upon the ages of the players, and some of them may only be suitable for older players who are good swimmers. If you have a pool full of little ones, be sure to select games that can be played in the shallow end of the pool.

Fish, Fish, Whale Have kids stand in a circle in the water. This game is played similar to “duck, duck, goose,” but in the water. Have one person be the one who goes around the circle and tap each kid on the shoulder and say “fish. Have them grab onto the side of the pool and then let their legs come up behind them.

Whoever can kick the longest is the winner.

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